My role as a career development coach

Jehangir Mehentee

Our guest blogger Jehangir shares his experience of being a mentor

I was a performance management director in my last role.  As a Careers Development Group (CDG) career development coach, I coached jobseekers, passing on my experience and mentoring them towards employment.

CDG’s personal advisors refer jobseekers to me and I see them for about an hour at a time, although the length of time varies depending on their needs. I could be seeing the same person every week for 12 weeks, but the average number of appointments I will have with them is six.

It’s satisfying to see jobseekers moving forward, and for me to be coaching them after starting the relationship on a more directive note. Some people arrive in a negative frame of mind but often they just need an empathetic ear and someone to listen to them. Generally, they gain in confidence the more they talk and I enjoy understanding other people’s perspectives; they help to inform my own.

The journey jobseekers travel is one of returning to self-acceptance because up until they lost their job, that job defined who they were. Once they achieve that, they widen their perspective of the kind of work they could pursue. I think you can apply the saying ‘when one teaches, two learn’ to volunteering. You can’t help being affected by the process and through gaining new insights about others and yourself.

I’ve coached quite a few jobseekers to date. Most of them are over forty years old, and some over fifty. I try to keep in contact with as many as possible after they have left CDG, to touch base and, if required, offer support.

Jehangir Mehentee has an interest in understanding how individuals and teams perform during challenging and stressful times. He works as a coach,  change management agent and volunteer Youth Worker. You can follow him on twitter @JehangirPinC.

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