My journey from executive to volunteer executive recruiter

Don Hunter

As a company director with executive responsibility for the human capital of a multi-national organisation, I was well attuned to dealing, among other matters, with senior-level recruitment across five continents.

This globe-trotting role had been my ‘life’ for many years. Therefore, as I approached ‘retirement’ and relocation to Surrey, I was rather apprehensive about how I would fruitfully use the time that was to suddenly become available to me.

After making enquiries with a number of professional contacts, I was advised to contact Reach – a not-for-profit organisation focused on matching skilled and highly experienced executives with charities and trusts who had a recognised need for their particular skills. After acting on this advice, I was delighted when Reach suggested that I consider a role with them – as an executive recruiter in the not-for-profit sector.

To my great relief, my current role and responsibilities have proven to be hugely satisfying, both personally and professionally. On one hand Reach is providing a valuable service to its broad client base across the UK, on the other, the skilled volunteers are inspirational to work with.

My current project is the recruitment of experienced and inspirational business mentors for the Crossroads Care Association (CAA) – an organisation which provides support for carers in England, Wales and the Isle of Man. CCA is undergoing a major revision of its service delivery model and is looking to the broad business community for strategic thinkers who have a clear understanding of the service-delivery environment and a hands-on approach to management. I am anticipating strong interest from executives in business and government in this challenging, short-term role. Take a look at the business mentor role here.

Don Hunter is a Volunteer Placement Adviser with Reach. He blogs in a personal capacity.

Guest contributors are invited by Reach to give their own take on issues related to skilled volunteering and trusteeship. We hope you enjoy their articles.

Opinions expressed are those of the writer and may not reflect those of Reach.

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