Reach reviews the year


Reach’s annual report for 2011/12 is now available.

This new edition is compact and succinct, telling the story of how we are realising our vision in a bold and impacful way.

It has been inspired by praise in The Guardian’s influencial Voluntary Sector Network blog for the 2009/10 edition, where Zoe Amar referred to it as, “a bold, punchy summary of what they do and the difference they make.” Cited as best practice for other charities to learn from, the publication was commended for avoiding information overload.

Highlights of the last year include registering 1,200 new volunteers, suggesting voluntary roles to over 2,000 professionals and providing about £9 million worth of skills to charities.

Looking ahead, we’re developing more high-value services that charities have told us they need and helping them weather the economic climate.

Reach Volunteering: connecting people, skills and good causes.
August 26th, 2012 by