Volunteering in later life – how it can be good for you

Tony Clack

Tony Clack guest blogs

At Laterlife, as well as running our web site, we run Planning Retirement Courses all around the UK. As a result we help thousands of people plan how they are going to make the most of their lifestyle in retirement and address the hopes and concerns that they have.

Continuing to work in retirement, paid or voluntary, is one of the areas we cover because it is a very important contributor to satisfaction in retirement. It’s important that we have a balance of things that we do in retirement and in particular we need to make sure that the things we do enable us to achieve three of the essentials of retirement: staying physically healthy, staying mentally healthy and maintaining or increasing our social network.

Many retirees also want to feel that they are continuing to use their knowledge, skills and experience once they leave the workplace and importantly this can also contribute to a feeling of self-worth.

As a result, at LaterLife, we are extremely supportive of volunteering in retirement, especially when the volunteering draws on the skills, knowledge and experience of the volunteers. That’s why we have supported and publicised Reach almost since day 1 of our web site back in 1999. So volunteering with Reach not only enables you to give something back but is likely to strongly contribute to all those essentials of retirement mentioned above and to overall life satisfaction!

Talking of life satisfaction, a survey by University of Greenwich showed that those attending a planning retirement course increased life satisfaction by 19% in retirement, compared to those that hadn’t attended one.

You want to take a look at Laterlife’s free ‘How ready am I to retire?’ or ‘Retirement MOT’ self assessors and if you are looking for things to do when you aren’t volunteering try the ‘What shall I do today’ one-armed bandit for a bit of fun!

Whatever you do make sure you make the most of your later life!

Tony Clack is the founder of LaterLife. He blogs in a personal capacity.

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