On skilled volunteering…

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Here are some reflections from a two skilled volunteers working at Reach, featured last month on the Guardian Witness Volunteers Week webpage

We are two professionals from quite different backgrounds. Approaching retirement after very busy careers we both looked for volunteering opportunities that would provide a certain office camaraderie and the challenges of the commercial world that we missed. Volunteering with Reach has worked for us in a very satisfying way and given both of us an enjoyable lifestyle balance of work and play.

We, as volunteers at Reach, liaise with charities to help them scope their needed roles and then search for and interact with skilled professionals from our database and externally. The satisfaction of the work comes from effecting a match that means the new recruit finds a role which provides a positive contribution to society and the charity gets the support needed to provide and improve its services.

If you are a skilled professional looking for a satisfying addition to your life come and join us – it’s fun.

Carol and Gordon are skilled volunteers working at Reach Volunteering, supporting volunteer recruitment and our marketing function.

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