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November 24th, 2014 by Janet Thorne

Governance – and good governance in particular – is vital for all charities. Reach was deeply engaged with Trustees’ Week which, as always, was a great opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work of trustees across the UK.

From issues of diversity and finance to strategy and recruitment, we are keenly aware of the many challenges faced by trustees in the difficult role of steering their organisations through a time of uncertainty and, in many cases, austerity.

Having met with countless charities who have demonstrated incredible resilience and innovation, we have been inspired to work with our partners, the Clothworkers’ Company, Prospectus and NPC to design a new and exciting award which recognises great governance in action.

We know that there are a number of governance awards already out there so, rather than create an award which replicates existing ones, we want to create an award which celebrates and showcases some of the inspiring stories that many trustees have to share. We really want to demonstrate, through stories and actions, how good governance in trying times can make all the difference. We also want to develop awards that will be really worthwhile to the award winners.

Of course, we realise that there may not be an appetite in the sector for another award, so we are appealing to you to let us know if this is something that we should proceed with. As such, we would be extremely grateful if you could let us know your thoughts by completing the survey below. It’s only a handful of questions so it’ll only take a minute, I promise!

Complete the survey now and help shape the awards

Thank you for taking the time.

Janet Thorne leads Reach as Chief Executive

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