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December 1st, 2015 by Sarah Tucker

It’s here! Giving Tuesday has arrived, the annual online phenomenon that encourages philanthropic giving in all its forms. To find out the latest activity, follow the #GivingTuesday hashtag on Twitter.

Give your skills on Giving Tuesday

Whilst the day has traditionally been about donating money to charity, more and more people are realising that you can give a little extra – you can give your time, and you can give your skills.

We work with many charities who are looking for the skills of experienced people to help them make more of a difference in our communities. If volunteers and charities can find the right fit together, a skilled individual can make a huge impact at a charity.

If you want to give your skills, we can help you find a meaningful, and practical role. You can search by cause, location, type of role and on your skills and experience. Search for volunteer opportunities.

A guide for first time volunteers

If you are thinking about volunteering but are not sure what to expect, read our guide for first time volunteers. It’s a practical guide to volunteering your skills, why you should volunteer, and how to choose the best role for you.

Today is a great opportunity to think a little differently and do something which challenges you.

Sign up today and give your skills to a charity.


Sarah has been Reach’s Marketing and Communications Manager since September 2014

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November 27th, 2015 by Sarah Tucker

While today’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become annual events in the last couple of years, its cousin Giving Tuesday is creeping across the Atlantic to UK shores a little more slowly.

Following the US holiday Thanksgiving, the Black Friday day of shopping, followed by Cyber Monday’s online shopping bonanza, gives way to Giving Tuesday, which this year lands on 1 December.

It’s an antidote to the previous two consumer-driven days and a welcome change in emphasis to something more meaningful. It started in America (from New York’s 92Y) in 2012 and is now in 68 countries with #GivingTuesday officially kicking off in the UK in 2014.

So what does it all mean?

Giving Tuesday is intended as a way of giving to a cause you care about, whether that’s local, national or international. It’s a call to action to give something back to our communities.

Charities can harness the feel-good factor of the day and use the day to emphasise the people and causes they work with that need a little help, donations, funds or time.

Giving more than just money – giving time and skills

So what can you give this Giving Tuesday?

Donating to your charity is a fantastic thing to do but what if you are feeling a bit short, give to charity already or just want to do something a bit different?

Giving Tuesday is a great time to consider volunteering. As the UK’s leading skilled volunteering charity, we at Reach (naturally!) recommend giving your skills to a UK charity where they could have more impact. You may have been thinking that you want to get more involved with a cause you love, or you want some development on top of your day job.

Now is the time! Sign up with Reach and donate your skills to a charity.

We have over a thousand skilled volunteer opportunities available – all charities that need a skilled individual to help them achieve a little more.

Your skills could be in governance, HR, IT, copy writing, social media, legal knowledge, engineering, medical. You could be from the private, public, or voluntary sectors. And you could be looking for a short-term role or an ongoing commitment. We’ll have the role for you. All we ask is that you have more than three years experience in your field. Search our volunteer positions now.

Use this Giving Tuesday to make that step and volunteer your skills. It could be the best thing you’ve ever done!


Sarah has been Reach’s Marketing and Communications Manager since September 2014

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